About Us
GCD is a company that is owned and operated by three brothers, Grant, Cameron and Douglas MacDonald. Each brother has a unique set of skills and experience that allows them to offer a level of service in the Water & Gas industry beyond just the techincal aspects of the construction. From office to field they have the construction & compliance covered.

What Service we Offer / What we Specialise in

WATER MAIN CONSTRUCTION - including, but not limited to:

* Construction of both Potable & Recycled Watermains
* Construction in new Developments
* Construction through existing areas for supply main           extensions
* Construction works in environmentally sensitive areas.
* PE Fusion - Electro, Butt, Saddle & Extrusion Welding
* Fabrication of PE doglegs and associated fittings via PE fusion techinques
* Offering Constructibility advice to Design Consultants
* Installation of Valves, Hydrants & other Associated fittings
* Construction of new property Services
* Swabbing, Pressure Testing & Chlorination of new mains
* Commissioning of Water mains (via Cut ins or TUPs)
* Maintenance of Watermain assets
GAS MAIN CONSTRUCTION - including, but not limited to:

* Construction of small & large diameter Gas Mains
* Construction of both Gas only mains & Gas mains in a common trench installation with the Water.
* Construction of Partial Gas Services
* Installation via open excavation or Directional Boring
* Fabrication of PE Doglegs for Gas Mains
* Purging of Gas Mains
* Pressure Testing of Gas Mains
* Commissioning of Gas Mains


Grant MacDonald - Director

Having worked in the industry for over 18 years, Grant has established himself as a hard worker who enjoys getting his hands dirty. It is this hands on approach to his work that allows him to deliver consistently in the field. He not only specialises in onsite construction management but also dual pipe work installation, speciality mains connections and is also a skillful plant operator, which makes his a vital member of the GCD family.

Key Qualifications / Skills:
* Certificate 4 Civil Construction Supervision
* Certificate 3 Pipelaying
* Chisholm Water main Construction Training (NWP233B)
* Confined Space Entry
* Traffic Management
* Spotters Training (Electrical)
* Operators Tickets - LL / LB / LE
* First Aid Cert 2 / CPR
* Fire Training
* Gas Main Training - 7 Core Modules
* + Others
Cameron MacDonald - Director

Cameron started in the industry in 2002. Over the years he has developed a strong professional network within the industry. Being both a qualified Business & OHS Manager, helps Cameron manage the business operations and ensure compliance is met in all areas of the business. Specialising in systems development with a key focus on continuous improvement, has allowed Cameron, with the support and assistance of his brothers, to establish a strong foundation to work from for GCD, which will only enhance their position going forward in the industry.

Key Qualifications / Skills;
* Diploma Business Management
* Diploma OHS
* Cert 2 Adminstration
* Chisholm Water main Construction Training (NWP233B)
* PE fusion Qualification - Butt & Electro Fusion 
* First Aid Cert 2 / CPR
* Fire Training
* Gas Main Training - 7 Core Modules
* ISO Systems Development & Management
* Other
Douglas MacDonald - Director

Douglas started out in the industry in 2004. Following the lead of his 2 brothers, Douglas was able to quickly cement his place within the industry. Specialising in a number of areas, including PE Fusion, machinery operating and project management has made Douglas one of the key players in the industry. Being both respected and in demand on every site that he works on demostrates the strong work ethic and professional network that Douglas has developed over the years. Utilising his strong passion for construction, Douglas hopes to take GCD into the future as a leader within the Gas & Water Industry.

Key Qualifications / Skills;
* Cert 4 Civil Construction Supervision
* Cert 3 Plant Operations
* Cert 2 Gas Operations
* Chisholm Water Main Construction Training (NWP233B)
* PE Fusion Qualifications - Butt & Electro Fusion
* Gas PE Fusion Techniques
* First Aid Cert 2 / CPR
* Fire Training
* Spotters Training
* Traffic Management
* Confined Space Entry
* Multinet Gas Approval
* Other